The connection between energy security and energy independence

Energy security is the term mostly connected with the fact that eventually world will run out of fossil fuels, and before this happens we need to have adequate replacement ready.

Renewable energy sources can provide security of supply because they cannot be depleted, and as long our planet will continue to exist the Sun is likely to shine and wind is likely to blow, and all we need to do is find the best methods to make harnessing of these renewable energy sources more efficient.

Diversified energy portfolio is also one of the factors that contributes to energy security, because when some country satisfies its energy demand with couple of different energy sources the chances for energy crisis are much smaller.

Many countries have already set up their short-term and long-term energy goals with special emphasis on renewable energy sources which should play the main role in ensuring diversified energy portfolio in year to come.

Energy independence is yet another term closely connected to energy security. Very few countries can today say that they have have achieved energy independence, for instance many countries (U.S. included) depend on foreign oil import, and we all know that oil is no longer cheap fuel option as it used to be, and in years to come oil is likely to become even more expensive as many energy experts agree that world oil reserves are at “tipping point”, meaning that very soon supply won’t be able to follow demand for oil.

Renewable energy can provide energy independence by significantly reducing the need for foreign fuel import.

Renewable energy can also bring economic benefits in form of many new green jobs, and offer very interesting career option for many people.

As you can see using more renewable energy would not only be good for our environment but also for our economy.