Top ten reasons why the world should use more renewable energy

It helps our environment. Our planet is simply speaking one big environmental mess, with climate change threatening to go out of the control. By using more renewable energy we wouldn’t need to burn enormous amounts of fossil fuels, and this would decrease the level of carbon emissions that cause climate change. Our air would be much cleaner too.

2. New green jobs. The strong development of renewable energy sector is connected with many new well paid jobs which can give huge boost to economy in this period of global recession and economic uncertanties.

3. Reduced dependence on foreign oil. Using more domestically available renewable energy also means reduced need for foreign oil import. The less oil we import the more money stays within our borders.

4. Diversified energy portfolio. Renewable energy gives several different options to choose from. Some countries should favor solar energy, other biomass, other wind energy, other geothermal energy, etc. So many different renewable energy options help diversify energy portfolio which improves country’s energy independence.

5. Global clean energy race. The global clean energy race is on, and the countries that will lead the way will surely benefit from it. Take China’s example, 5.4 million renewable energy jobs in 2021, and world’s largest solar panel as well as wind turbine manufacturer.

6. Energy security. Having different energy options is much better for energy security than just relying on fossil fuels to satisfy our energy needs.

7. Almost unlimited potential. Fossil fuels are finite resources and they will eventually become depleted unlike renewable energy sources that will be available as long our planet continues to exist.

8. Technological and scientific progress. Renewable energy research does wonders for overall technological and scientific progress by developing different promising technologies that could be used by many different industries.

9. Development of rural areas. In many rural areas using renewable energy is much better option to satisfy energy needs compared to traditional energy solutions, and renewable energy can be a strong factor in developing these areas.

10. Connecting countries. By sharing the knowledge, experience and technologies about renewable energy countries would become more closely connected, by for instance working together on different renewable energy projects. Renewable energy can help improve political ties between countries.