Top reasons to switch to solar energy

There are many important reasons why we should switch to solar energy and here are the most important ones:

First of all, using solar energy is good for our environment. Solar panels do not emit harmful greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and climate change. They also do not contribute to air pollution or acid rain formation like this is the case with currently dominant fossil fuels.

Solar energy is renewable source of energy because it is being constantly replenished. This means that we can harness solar energy for as long as Sun keeps shining and this is something that should last for at least next five billion years or so.

Once you install solar panels this adds extra value to your property.

Solar panels do not create noise like wind turbines do, in fact they operate extremely silently.

More solar energy we use the less fossil fuels we need. This isn’t only good for our environment but also for our future energy security because it could lead to reduced dependence on foreign oil import.

Solar energy industry gives young people chance to find well paid jobs and interesting careers.

Many countries all over the world offer tax benefits and different other incentives to people who decide to install solar panels.

Solar panels in average last 20+ years and can be recycled afterwards.

Solar panels require very little maintenance because there are no moving parts. They are also not that hard to install. They also do not lose much efficiency over the years.

After you return upfront costs of buying and installing solar panels the rest is free energy for you to use, because nobody owns the Sun.

Solar power is the energy source with the biggest potential in our planet. Many scientists believe it is only matter of time before solar energy will be used to power all industries and all vehicles.

Solar energy is not only used to generate electricity but also for heating purposes.

Solar power could provide excellent option to provide electricity for many rural areas in Africa. This would open the door for the development of many third world countries.